Along my travels of the World Wide Web I found this chair and of course my first thought was and always will be the above…

So off I went to find the mindset behind the designer of this very unique chair.

This is what I found…

Lila Jang is a young sculptor from Seoul, South Korea and her pieces are definitely more works of art than furniture you would want the dog slobbering all over. The following is a perfect snapshot of what the designer was thinking.

“The inspiration for her furniture came from when she was in graduate school in Paris and living in a teeny little apartment,” said Shaw. “Trying to fit even one piece of it in her apartment was impossible. So she visualized some of the furniture she was attracted to and how it might fit if she could only bend her sofa in half and have it go up the wall, or bend a chair so she could fit a table and chairs.”

It is fascinating to me to find the story behind it all.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune