One of my favorite things about the holidays is the gift wrapping. I love being able to make the simplest gift look like it’s worth a million bucks.

My dad was the most awesome gift wrapper I have ever known. His edges were meticulously crisp and neat. I specifically remember him teaching me how to gift wrap. When I was a little girl he would wrap the presents and I would handle the bow. As I got older I set up a gift wrapping station and he would pay me a dollar for ever gift I wrapped.

Here are some favorites I found while strolling the world-wide web. I chose these because more than likely you already have what you need to completely wrap the present without having to purchase specialty items.

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Information & Links – HGTV
1. Eco-friendly – brown bag, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, or tree branches.
2. Dip the end of a pencil eraser into white paint or white-out. 
3. Use old maps or an old Thomas Guide – remember those? 
4. Use regular white paper and draw holiday lights.
5. An old t-shirt, tie, or dress shirt.
6. Tissue paper into bows.