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design camp lori and kelli

In business you either want to be noticed and go BIG or you don’t. It’s that simple. If you want people to notice your work you have to get it out there and this camp will show you how to do it! Let’s start with these three questions…

Do you know how to submit your work to a publication?

Do you know how to get your work on TV?

Are you actively engaging in social media?

Whatever your answer, I guarantee, you will want to attend Design Camp.

Design Camp is a 2-day event for established designers, new designers, and design lovers on how to make the most of your design business – as an added bonus, these strategies can apply to any type of business. In these 48 hours Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis and their assembled panel of experts will show you how to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. These two days will empower you with the knowledge to run successful projects and take your design career, or any career for that matter, to an entirely different level.

I attended Design Camp, for the first time, and it was one of the most eye-opening, two days of information I have ever experienced and to say it was exciting, inspiring and motivating would simply be an understatement. These women, Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis, Co-Founders of Design Camp, are sweet, helpful, kind and funny and have built this camp to share their steps to success with you. I found myself listening and laughing to designers Kathryn Ireland, from Million Dollar DecoratorsNathan TurnerChristopher Kennedy, Timothy Corrigan and Christian May. In addition to the talented designers, editors and bloggers there was John Finton, Finton Construction and brand strategist Phil Pallen – Amazing! While listening to their stories I realized some of them started out just like me. They are real-life people talking about their real-life stories and how they made their mark, making me believe that I can too! The incredible amount of information, tips and connections I made are invaluable and will be with me for life. I learned SO much. I met SO many. I want to do it AGAIN!

~ Thank you Kelli and Lori, I am forever grateful! ~