The other morning, after dropping my little guy off at school, I took the dog out. It was a little later than usual because I had to stop somewhere before coming back home to work. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel much like working. So I lingered outside with the dog a little longer than normal.

I gazed around my neighborhood while soaking up the warm sun welcoming the day. Because it was a little later, the normal morning bustle; people getting to work, parents wrangling their children into the car and kids walking to school had dissipated and it was quiet. I stood there enjoying the peacefulness of the moment.

I looked to the ground and saw a baby leaf that had changed with the fall season into the most beautiful maroon I had ever seen. I bent down to pick it up and it was then that my focus kicked in, because I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and I realized that the leaf was crystalized in an early morning frost. It was so incredibly beautiful, like it was covered in diamonds. As I stood up, with the baby leaf in the palm of my hand, I introduced it to the sunlight. I was so mesmerized by the sparkling frost that I just stood there, gazing at it.

As I stood there, entranced by this incredible leaf, the frost began to melt. I immediately wanted to run into the house and get my phone. I wanted to capture the glistening frost, but realized quickly it would be too late because the frost would melt before I could get to my phone and the moment would pass.

Then I thought about this challenge and knew I could share this beautiful moment with you all instead. 

Happy Holidays!