Join me in my novice attempt to bake red heart-shaped cupcakes. Remember when I posted that I was going to make heart shaped cakes? Here they are!

First ~ tell me what it is about Pinterest that makes me feel like I want to be, and could be, the best baker, the best seamstress, the best make-up artist, and so forth and so on. Secondly, the cakes didn’t come out red they came out pink. Live and learn. I’ll know for next time. Remember, I said novice… although isn’t that what it’s all about? Mama always said, “You’ll never know until you try!”

First the cookies…

I had this cookie ready for the little guy when I picked him up from school to which he promptly groaned and said, “Not another cookie.”

Heart cookie

– After that it was on to the cupcakes –


– I made my own little piping bag out of a ziplock bag –
IMG_1086Delicious and Sweet

My inspiration for heart-shaped cupcakes.

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What shall I do from Pinterest next?