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First and foremost Ellen Degeneres – FANTASTIC job as host!


I LOVED how she worked social media and brought Twitter the most epic selfie of all time, now holding the all-time record for most retweets!

Ellen's epic selfie Oscars 2014

– My best dressed –

Kate Hudson! AH-mazing and it wasn’t only the dress. There was something beautifully eye-catching about her eyes, flawless make-up and perfect hair.

Hands down – home run!


Sandra Bullock – the blue was gorgeous and I can only imagine what it looked like in person. She always looks great and her grace is extraordinary!


Julia Roberts – I didn’t hear much chatter about her dress, but I loved it. I loved how she knew she wasn’t the Belle of the Ball and being that she has settled into a life of children and family, I felt her dress was beautiful and appropriate.


…and although I love, love, love Mr. Matthew McConaughey and his lovely lady Camilla Alves this picture of Jason Sudeikis taking a picture of his lady Olivia Wilde won my heart for bestest couple!

olivia wilde

Who were your favorites?