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I finally did it – I bought an iron skillet over the weekend. I am so excited!

*This is my Monday Motivation*

Iron Skillet

Being that my husband is the pickiest eater on the face of the planet (I kid you not) I don’t really get to experiment a lot so cooking is relatively simple. Sometimes, I scroll through recipe and cooking blogs and find myself longing for the chance to try all these awesome yummy recipes that fill the world-wide web. Unfortunately, I cannot partake in a lot of this deliciousness because all of the ingredients which give lots of the flavor to all these fabulous recipes are a no-go in our house.

Over the past year I have been relying a lot on Pinterest for gathering recipes. In addition, I have been watching the cooking channel a lot – I have to get my fill of cooking some how! In watching these shows I totally want to try baking or braising my meat in the same pan in which I sear or brown it, I’m guessing doing this adds tons of flavor – Yes?

I’ve been online learning how to “season” my cast iron skillet and looking for a yummy london broil recipe – Hoping this turns out good!

If you have any tips to share with me please feel free – I’m a newbie!