Yesterday was the Labor Day Holiday and it felt like Sunday. So today is my Monday.

Over the weekend I made a decision to come back here and try to get back in the swing of blogging. I even found this smoothie I wanted to try then share with you on this here blog, but wouldn’t you know it… This morning as my lovely husband was leaving he quietly kissed me and said, “Bye, my love. We have no hot water.”

Thank you Tuesday.

But guess what, I didn’t get discouraged. I made it anyway. Even though I had to deal with finding a plumber, having the plumber come over and play musical rooms with the dog I still took pictures of my process and forged ahead. Even better… It was pretty yummy and it made me feel like I took my day back!

Kale Blueberry 8

Can you believe this thing has oatmeal in it?

I’m posting the recipe this Friday.

[Hoping this will hold me accountable and bring me back to blogging]