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I love movies. I love to escape the thoughts and worries that cloud my head all the time. When I watch a movie I get to focus on something else and it helps my overactive brain to shut up and give me a break. So when the Oscars come up, it gives me an opportunity to see some of these extraordinary actors, who helped quiet my mind, in a different element.

Last night’s Oscars show was especially eventful. Historical. Iconic. It was another mix up in announcing the winner on television and it’s my #MondayMotivation! I’ll bet it’s Steve Harvey’s too! It reminds me nobody’s perfect and all the pictures airbrushed in those magazines and the moments edited in those movies to appear perfect, they’re not.

As Alexander Pope stated, “To err is humane…” and it doesn’t get any more human than this


NOW – Let’s talk about the fashion – Who was your favorite?!?

Mine – Emma Stone


And she WON! Congratulations Emma Stone!