Here we are, the beginning of June.

Wow, hard to believe it’s June 2021. Considering the past 18 months, it is good to be here.

My inspiration quest has been moving right along. To inspire me even more, at the start of the year my aunt began discovering random hearts along her walks and sharing them with me.

And her being from San Francisco, she introduced me to Kate Tova, an artist in San Francisco who creates “Street Hearts.”

All these hearts randomly appearing made me even more hopeful and excited of what the coming days might bring.

Then, low and behold, I found a heart right in my very own front yard.

These hearts remind me of all the love in the world and even though sometimes it may be really hard to see, especially in the world we are in today, it’s still there.

This past month was filled with lots of other memorable moments like that basketball player son of mine doing really well, I’m so proud of him I could burst, and we started plans for a kitchen remodel. We are still in the beginning stages so we’ll see, but we’re here, yay! Now I’m curious where we’ll be in the kitchen process when it comes time to write a post next month. We shall see!

Have a wonderful month of June 🌻