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ABC’s Dancing With the Stars – Emma Slater

Tune in to Girlfriends Talk Radio to hear the live show with Troupe Dancer and Choreographer, Emma Slater from Dancing With the Stars and our very own Social Media Girlfriends – Diva, Dabney Porte.

Listen and feel how grateful Emma is to her parents for supporting her from the beginning. This life-long dedication that began at the age of five years old while dancing in her small medieval town of Tamsworth, in the center of England, for a number of local productions. After a video with an 80’s popstar she was immediately hooked on theater!

Find out what Golden Globe nominated movie Emma has been featured. After this Universal picture she continued her explosive career with London’s West End in shows like Cheek to Cheek and Latin Fever. In 2009 Emma joined the cast at the Longacre Theater on Broadway in New York City. This led her to Popstars and Operastars as the Ballroom Program Advisor.

Learn how she met her love, fellow Dancing With the Stars, Sasha Farber. Together these love birds came together while dancing for one of the hottest live stage world tour performances – no wonder they fell in love with each other! If you like dancing then this show is a must see!!

More fun ensues when Emma’s love, Sasha Farber, actually joins the conversation. You won’t believe what he had to say about his surprising fitness regimen. Unbelievable!

Join us Social Media Girlfriends for the warmth, love and giggles that always comes with our Girlfriends Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio!

Click the link below to hear the show!

Emma Slater LIVE on Girlfriends Talk Radio with Dabney

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