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In the December issue of Architectual Digest Brad Pitt debuts his furniture design. Now – for the record – there is no doubt Mr. Pitt knows what he’s doing when it comes to design and architecture due in part to his largely successful and very awesome Make It Right foundation. He is a man with a lot of ideas, dreams, and money and that combination is likely to make anyone a success.

However, when it comes to furniture design it might be a different story. Is this furniture design or is it furniture art? I think it’s furniture art design. It’s more like art, in that it’s kind of like a sculpture. Especially, given the fact that each piece is a limited edition and signed by Pitt and Pollaro.

pp.brad-pitt-frank-pollaro-furniture-02 pppitt-frank-pollaro-furniture-03 pppitt-frank-pollaro-furniture-14

What do you think?