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Remember back, a while ago, it was unheard of to combine stripes with floral?

These days, it’s not so much of a no-no. Coming out of Missoni, which is known for lots of colors in a variety of patterns, is this presentation of mixing and matching all these colors in different patterns, but on the same furniture piece. Kind of like patchwork, although don’t for a second let a novice patchwork piece fool you because if you look close you can tell the difference. You will begin to recognize which products are simply made by random pieces of fabric patched together and which are carefully designed with patterns, lines of the patterns, and colors specifically selected to be included in one piece.





While cruising the world wide web I stumbled upon the video below by Roche Bobois and I came upon the realization for the need to break out of a safer mold and present these vibrant colors that sock a punch. This video is a revelation of what they are thinking, which is a perfect explanation to me.

What do YOU think? Are you loving all the colors?