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I haven’t been visiting this space as much as I would like. You know how it is…life gets in the way, you get busy and start making excuses for why it’s okay that you haven’t posted on your blog. Things like – no one will miss if I don’t write something – people aren’t interested – nobody reads it anyway – it’s just another recipe. However, that’s not why I blog – I blog to document my world, my life, my loves, all the cool things I find on this vast well of information. I blog for me.

So here is a pinch of my documentation as of late..

These look yummy! Don’t they? Of course I would have to adjust the vegetables rolled in the steak because I am married to the pickiest guy on the planet. Still, I think it might work so I’m going to give it a whirl.

Check out the recipe here.

pinterest recipe2

And what about these, huh? Simple. Simple. Simple. I like simple.

pinterest recipe

Then a brand new kitchen to cook it all in.

I look at lots of pictures of kitchens and pin a lot of kitchens and I gotta say this is, by far, my favoritest kitchen EVER.

Get a look into this brilliant designer and see this kitchen bigger and better here.

pinterest dream kitchen

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday weekend!