I am working toward better organization this year. As of this morning this is what the computer desk looked like. Normally the computer desk is clean because I need space to use the computer, but this morning I took everything from the return of my desk and put it right in front of me so I could sort it out.

Here we have –

Coupons that need to be clipped.

Nail art for a post I wanted to do… back in November.

Old Navy coupons that I swear I’m going to use this time.

A holiday gift for my son’s teacher, but because we were all sick with the flu the week before Christmas I didn’t wrap it or give it to her.

A free sandwich coupon. It took me over a year to earn that bad-boy and my God I am going to use it. It expires this Sunday.


Below, is my new friend that is going to help me do all of the above and then some. In this handy-dandy notebook (Blues Clues anyone?) I will attempt to write down an assignment for the day (I seriously just chuckled a bit after typing that last sentence) and then mark them off when I am finished.

I cannot believe I am putting this all in writing. Now I have to do this, I must…

I must be really desperate for a blog post.

Wish me luck!