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I love the award shows. I love it for the red carpet. It’s so fascinating to see the fan-fare of it all. I love the dresses the women wear to these events. The last time I wore a dress anywhere near the magnitude of some of these dresses was my wedding. You know what? It was a lot of work. These women put hard work into their appearance and it doesn’t just start the morning of the show. Not to mention they do it all the time. Whenever I get dressed up like this sometimes the only thing I’m thinking of is when do I get to take off my shoes and bra. Yep – That’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Last night shades of blue were gorgeous! I picked this photo because Amy Adams was my favorite. Even though I like more of a romantic type of style, Amy Adams rocked this – no question. She looked amazing. As for the other three – Kelly Osbourne, Kathy Griffin and Anna Gunn – Wow!

blue SAG 2014

Doesn’t Oprah look amazing? With all of her weight issues throughout the years I love how she landed here with her body image. She is classic Va-Va-Voom and to combine that with the power of Oprah – it’s just amazing! Good for her. You go Mama Oprah!!


Lastly, look at these two – they’re beautiful people – and together they are a show-stopper. I feel like the love they exude is what makes them so beautiful together.


Who were some of your favorites?

Leave me a link so I can see too!

Images by Eonline