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Hot Iron Holster

Hot Iron Holster Original-Box

This is brilliant!

When I came across this it grabbed me. It is SO clever. I love it.

I think I immediately loved it so much because I knew it was from a mom due to the fact that I picked up the link through a mom entrepreneur site. However, when I researched the website I liked it more and more. Here’s why – What REALLY grabs me is the process of HOW she came up with the idea and I cannot get enough of these stories! It pulls out the dreamer in me and I start wondering if maybe one day one of my little ideas will take off.

I have found, as many of you have, that being a mom makes me short on time for ME. Considering that I lived a life when it was just me and my cat, I am used to lots of time for ME. But when I got married, bought a house, had a child and a big dog, the time for ME – not so much. When this happens time slips through your fingers like sand. So you have to get creative.

I never thought I was all that creative until I became domesticated. With so much to do I am always thinking of how to make it easier, quicker and efficient. Whatever “IT” is, I just want it to be simple. Not complicated. When things are complicated it is almost always a recipe for disaster. So when I come across minds like the mom who made this Hot Iron Holster, she’s like my new idol for the day. She had to think of something to make it easier, simpler and not complicated and in the process she is empowering herself, her family and making money.

She gives me hope.