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I need to get more fruits and vegetables in my little guy. When it comes to fruits there are very few he actually eats. Watermelon is one of them. So when I saw this Watermelon Cake I thought it might be a good shot that he would eat it. In addition, I could try some strawberries. Here’s what you need –

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Watermelon Cake

1 Watermelon
Strawberries, halved and quartered
Cool Whip
Sliced almonds

First, cut stems off strawberries, cut them in half and quarter them. Clean with soap and water. I enlisted my little guy and he was all for it, what a great help he has become! Next, cut a cylinder out of the watermelon (instead of using the whole watermelon I thought I would try a small one first and it was a good thing because the watermelon we picked was not very tasty).

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Once you have the watermelon into the shape of a cylinder frost it with the Cool Whip


 We added strawberries and almonds

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Not only did my little guy help with slicing and cleaning the strawberries as well as icing the watermelon he was also the camera guy – I think I found myself a new photographer!

Found this fun project on Pinterest!