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Catrinka bags and accessories make great gifts! Priced from $8 to $250 there is something for everyone (except the guys – they are working on that) and as an added incentive Catrinka would like you to enjoy 10% off this holiday season. Go to Catrinka and use code ‘AJ10’ for your savings from now through the end of the year.


Catrinka is an ethical fashion brand dedicated to investing in women and girls. They design fabulous bags that are all made by women, and a share of the proceeds goes to educating girls in the places where they work. With every purchase you make, you invest in a woman and in a girl who will invest in the next generation – multiplying your impact and helping to break the cycle of poverty. Catrinka invests in women because women invest twice as much of our income in our families as men. And because women’s work is beautiful, and they love to celebrate it.

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Last year Catrinka provided over 1,500 days of fair work to women in 11 countries, and supported 129 secondary school girls in 4 countries for a year. This year they’ve already provided almost 3,000 days of fair work to women in 3 countries, and will be directing their proceeds to a pilot program that provides peer mentors to teen girls in Guatemala – a country where 14% of girls start secondary school, 3% graduate, and 1 in 10,000 goes to university.

This year give a gift to the women in your life and at the same time give the gift of a lifetime and support women across the globe!