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I have always wondered how people found the wherewithal to post about saying goodbye to their pets. Where did they come up with the strength to put a post together?

I have now learned how to do it.

We came home on Friday to find our dog, Duke, could not stand up. We scooped him up in a sheet and took him to the vet. After lots of tests, it was found he had cancer and 24 hours later we had to say goodbye.

Duke 2

Duke was our family’s dog, but I was his person. Have you ever been a dog’s person? I had never been a dog’s person until I met Duke. For me, it was an incredible, wonderful, soulful experience. He was the perfect balance of a fierce protector yet playful and harmless with us and anyone who came into our home. Never did someone meet him who didn’t like him. I am heartbroken that he is gone. He was incredible. I will miss him forever.

Although I’m never one to post much about myself – as I moved through the next 48 hours after losing Duke, I felt stuck with social media. How could I keep posting for work, and pictures on Instagram, without sharing this beautiful creature? And who, with his loss, has created a huge gaping hole in our world.

So, back to the question – How do people come up with the strength to post about saying goodbye to their pets? I learned when you are fortunate enough to be graced with the presence of a dog that awesome, you want to share him with the world and you find the strength to post about saying goodbye because he deserves it.

I love you Handsome.