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Our family fostered a puppy, really I fostered a puppy, for two weeks.

After we lost Duke, it was hard for me to even pet another dog without getting emotional. I began distancing myself from dogs to avoid the roller coaster. And then time passed and like they say, “time heals all wounds.” Heals? I will say it helps because I’m definitely better, but I still heartbreakingly miss him.

Her name was Calypso, a spunky, 8-week-old, white terrier mix. I picked her up at the rescue, where there were a ton of dogs. It was loud and chaotic with people coming and going, picking up and dropping off dogs and supplies, with lots of barking.

Interestingly, within hours of bringing her home I could see how we were providing her the perfect surroundings to just be a puppy. Our home provided this 8 week old, uninhibited ball of love a place to be safe, to run and play, and take naps. Watching her sleep soundly in the quietness of suburbia warmed my heart. It was the best feeling and I knew I made the right choice.

We only had her for two weeks, but in those two weeks that little stinker found her way into our hearts. Dogs are amazing aren’t they? She went up for adoption last Saturday and was adopted by a family who adopted her sister a couple of weeks earlier. YAY! Success!

And thank goodness because any longer and this blog would be about our new dog!