The Oscars 2017 ~ #MondayMotivation


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I love movies. I love to escape the thoughts and worries that cloud my head all the time. When I watch a movie I get to focus on something else and it helps my overactive brain to shut up and give me a break. So when the Oscars come up, it gives me an opportunity to see some of these extraordinary actors, who helped quiet my mind, in a different element.

Last night’s Oscars show was especially eventful. Historical. Iconic. It was another mix up in announcing the winner on television and it’s my #MondayMotivation! I’ll bet it’s Steve Harvey’s too! It reminds me nobody’s perfect and all the pictures airbrushed in those magazines and the moments edited in those movies to appear perfect, they’re not.

As Alexander Pope stated, “To err is humane…” and it doesn’t get any more human than this


NOW – Let’s talk about the fashion – Who was your favorite?!?

Mine – Emma Stone


And she WON! Congratulations Emma Stone!

High Point Market Preview – Spring 2017


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High Point Market Twitter Preview

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 ~ 6 pm EST/3 pm PST


This year Studio M Interior Design and the High Point Market Style Spotters are hosting a preview of new product for the Spring 2017 High Point Market. This preview will take place on twitter as a fun and interactive chat where designers share their curated must-see looks showing at the upcoming spring market.

It’s always a treat to see what designers are bringing to market and I am always wondering “What Were They Thinking,” as you can plainly see is fascinating to me!


If you join in, you can scope out the best picked looks and make your plan for the exhibitor’s showrooms at High Point Market and that way you don’t miss out! So, remember to mark your calendars and join in at #HPMkt on Twitter for this fun and interactive event!

High Point Market Fall 2016


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In just a few more weeks High Point Market will be here and social media will be filled with some of the most gorgeous, luxurious home furnishings – it will be like a show in itself on social media! I love seeing what the designers are bringing to market. There are so many different designs of colors, textures and lighting!


I don’t get to make it to High Point Market because I have work here that needs my attention. However, some of that work is in the interior design industry so I am always present on social media during market to help promote, cheer on and drool over all the beautiful designs.

So visit and follow me on Twitter and I’ll be happy to tweet your designs into the #HPMkt stream! I hope to see you out there!

Good-bye September – Hello October!


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Looking around my little blog and it appears I took the summer off!

Thankfully, there is no boss I should report to here on my tiny blog. In addition, I often wonder who would even want to read my silly little blog. Although, sometimes when I come back here to visit it seems a little lonely and neglected. Also, I have found sometimes writing here is like keeping a journal and it gives a nice account of what was going on in my life at a specific place in time. I like that.

I do have something to share – Recently, at a summer birthday party I had a sangria that was to die for! If you like watermelon, strawberries, a cold rose and vodka – I promise you will love this sangria! What I loved about this recipe was I only used the above ingredients rather than the whole recipe. It will definitely be something I make and enjoy again!



High Point Market Spring 2016


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If you love interior design then you know about High Point Market. It is the largest furnishings trade show twice a year. It’s a world of color, texture, lighting and designs that make me glow inside! For this gal, not a designer by trade but still the designer of our home, I love to see what’s in store for the coming year!

Spring Market

So if you are an HGTV enthusiast and like anything having to do with interior design and real estate, like myself, then visit #HPMkt on social media April 16th through April 20th and see the upcoming designs and fashions in home furnishings. Hope to see you there!