Kitchen & Bath Design Inspiration


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I had the pleasure of joining the Kitchen and Bath Tribe Chat hosted by Marble Institute the other day. The topic; Designing with Natural Materials. These chats are fun, but also very educational and informative for remodeling and home design. For example a maintenance tip when using natural stone; avoid the 3 As – acid, ammonia and alcohol. I would have never known these three are not good for natural stone.

Another tip is what’s trending! A popular choice these days is a full slab of natural stone for a backsplash instead of tile. Gorgeous and smart, because a solid piece for a backsplash is a lot easier to clean than tile. Am I right or am I right?! Look at this seamless look from Discover Marble – I am in love.

Discover marble

More ideas include American Stonecraft transforming reclaimed fieldstone into a line of slabs for serving, cooking and tabletop accessories. Brilliant and functional!


Then there was this by Brasigran. It’s called Blue Agata – mesmerizing and I would sleep in this kitchen. Seriously, come on… Why must you torture me like this?


There is so much more to see and learn in these chats. Scrolling through the hashtag #KBTribeChat is like looking through a catalog, but with tips and tricks of the best and what’s best for you. Go on – See for yourself!

High Point Market Preview ~ #2


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High Point Market is coming and if you are an interior designer or love home decor and furnishings then you know what that means! It’s 5 days of thousands and thousands of square feet featuring new designs and ideas for the furnishing industry.

A few weeks ago there was a product preview of some of the items coming to spring market. Sometimes a few of them jump out at me and I can’t help but gaze lovingly while imagining the piece somewhere in my home. The following were two of my favorites from the preview –

This coffee table by Bennett Galleries is the epitome of pure craftsmanship and talent.  2017 HPM Spring

The simplicity of this table with drawers combined with the hand inlay design accents in walnut, chestnut, ash and ebonized wood make this a winner. When function and style come together, that is a favorite for this gal!

Here is another piece I cannot stop staring at – a credenza by John Richard.

2017-1 HPM Spring

The texture on this piece is mesmerizing. I love the contemporary feel of the sleek black lines mixed with the gold hardware giving it a somewhat retro feel. I wonder what it would look like with silver?

One day maybe I’ll have the opportunity to attend High Point Market, but for now I am looking forward to seeing the social media feeds light up with the ingenuity and beauty of new and awesome designs!

Bellini Modern Living


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Scanning the High Point Market Furniture Preview Guide I ran into this beauty by Bellini Modern Living and WOW – This is not your dad’s recliner!

Naturally I went looking for more and found their website

Bellini Website

And Twitter

Bellini Twitter

Furniture design and what people come up with can keep me captivated for days. I am so impressed with how this doesn’t look like every other recliner. I like the look and style of the low back sofa and yet a recliner with full back support. It’s the best of both worlds – Stylish and functional. Modern and classic. Awesome.

High Point Market Preview ~ 2017


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High Point Market Spring 2017 is fast approaching and soon social media will be filled with incredible and eye-catching designs of the latest in home furnishings.

Just recently Studio M held a TweetChat Product Preview and some of the pieces were jaw-dropping. However, there was a group that instantly became my absolute favorite!


These pieces by John Strauss and Carisa Marie from CMJS Creative at Strauss Furniture are outstanding. It is precisely the reason High Point Market keeps me coming back for more. The design and colors on these pieces are mesmerizing and I cannot keep myself from continuing to stare at them. Aren’t they amazing?

Crossing my fingers for CMJS Creative and hoping these pieces receive the credit they deserve because this collection is definitely worthy!