Duke 2007 – 2018


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I have always wondered how people found the wherewithal to post about saying goodbye to their pets. Where did they come up with the strength to put a post together?

I have now learned how to do it.

We came home on Friday to find our dog, Duke, could not stand up. We scooped him up in a sheet and took him to the vet. After lots of tests, it was found he had cancer and 24 hours later we had to say goodbye.

Duke 2

Duke was our family’s dog, but I was his person. Have you ever been a dog’s person? I had never been a dog’s person until I met Duke. For me, it was an incredible, wonderful, soulful experience. He was the perfect balance of a fierce protector yet playful and harmless with us and anyone who came into our home. Never did someone meet him who didn’t like him. I am heartbroken that he is gone. He was incredible. I will miss him forever.

Although I’m never one to post much about myself, as I moved through the next 48 hours after losing Duke, I felt stuck with social media. How could I keep posting for work, and pictures on Instagram, without sharing this beautiful creature? And who, with his loss, has created a huge gaping hole in our world.

So, back to the question – How do people come up with the strength to post about saying goodbye to their pets? I learned when you are fortunate enough to be graced with the presence of a dog that awesome, you want to share him with the world and you find the strength to post about saying goodbye because he deserves it.

I love you Handsome.

High Point Market Preview – Spring 2018


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High Point Market Twitter Preview

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 ~ 6 pm EST/3 pm PST


Join Studio M Interior Design and the High Point Market Style Spotters for a preview of new product for the Spring 2018 High Point Market. This is a fun and interactive chat where designers will preview their curated must-see looks showing at the upcoming spring market.

See the some of the best designs during this twitter chat to help make your plan for the showrooms at High Point Market. When you attend market don’t forget to tweet with the hashtag #HPMkt on Twitter to share your finds – See you in the stream!

Happy Anniversary


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It was 12 years ago today we had our First Wedding Anniversary celebration dinner at Carl’s Jr. It wasn’t my first choice, but we were on our way to the hospital to be induced because our little guy did not want to come out! So, out of necessity we stopped at Carl’s Jr. because my husband wanted to avoid hospital cafeteria food. The next day we had ourselves a beautiful bouncing baby boy.

Tonight our baby boy, he’ll be 12 tomorrow, was with us and it made for the dinner to be that much sweeter. Celebrating our first anniversary at Carl’s Jr. wasn’t my first choice, but now, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Kitchen & Bath Design Inspiration


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I had the pleasure of joining the Kitchen and Bath Tribe Chat hosted by Marble Institute the other day. The topic; Designing with Natural Materials. These chats are fun, but also very educational and informative for remodeling and home design. For example a maintenance tip when using natural stone; avoid the 3 As – acid, ammonia and alcohol. I would have never known these three are not good for natural stone.

Another tip is what’s trending! A popular choice these days is a full slab of natural stone for a backsplash instead of tile. Gorgeous and smart, because a solid piece for a backsplash is a lot easier to clean than tile. Am I right or am I right?! Look at this seamless look from Discover Marble – I am in love.

Discover marble

More ideas include American Stonecraft transforming reclaimed fieldstone into a line of slabs for serving, cooking and tabletop accessories. Brilliant and functional!


Then there was this by Brasigran. It’s called Blue Agata – mesmerizing and I would sleep in this kitchen. Seriously, come on… Why must you torture me like this?


There is so much more to see and learn in these chats. Scrolling through the hashtag #KBTribeChat is like looking through a catalog, but with tips and tricks of the best and what’s best for you. Go on – See for yourself!